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"Hey folks! It's The Man Called Amp! I get a lot of folks asking me if "Amp" is my REAL name, and the answer is...not really. I got it in a coaching football class at MTSU around 2006, a nickname, derived from my actual name. (You know how coaches are...) Well, it stuck...


I'm a Middle Tennessee native, though I don't always sound like it. I was born in Dickson, TN, and moved NINE TIMES before graduating high school...but always within Middle Tennessee. Most of my life I spent in Murfreesboro, graduating from Riverdale and Middle Tennessee and starting my radio career on two stations in Rutherford County. I graduated into the recession and worked for a year at Target before getting the chance of a lifetime -- I got to help re-launch WDKN, the hometown station in my birth city! I did middays, afternoons, mornings; political talk shows, agri-business shows, sports talk; commercials, interviews, a deep-cuts music program; and 9 years of high school and middle school sports. I literally did it all.


But you can only grow so much if you never leave the nest, so when the opportunity came to work with On-Target Marketing, I took it and never looked back. In addition to spinnin' the dials radio style on The Duck as I approach 20 years in local Tennessee radio!


Musically, this station is where I need to be. The first albums I can remember were cassettes of James Taylor, The Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, and....Gloria Estefan. (What? I'm a product of the 80s.)


I'm a huge football fan, backing Riverdale, Rockvale, and Blackman; the Blue Raiders and Florida Gators; and of course the Tennessee Titans ("It's a miracle! Tennessee has pulled a miracle!"). I like non-NBA basketball (one of my buddies from Dickson is playing ball in Greece right now), an absurd amount of hockey (the Preds are the best entertainment experience in town, though I would love to see a Colorado Avalanche game someday too), a bit of baseball (MTSU, the Braves, and the Dodgers), and come Olympic time, team handball and a good curling match. I'm also down for some bocce, if there's a place around here that's closer than that place in Nashville.


They're giving me the wrap it up sign now. (Imagine that. Amp rambling too much in his own bio....who would have guessed....) But my other hobbies include cooking, 80s hair metal, cats, hedgehogs, and tinkering with old technology. Seriously -- I've gotten a retro RadioShack shirt, a Dutch oven, a silicone spatula, a hedgehog wall calendar, and a crock pot as presents in the last decade, and I couldn't be more proud.


Look for me the next time Def Leppard comes to town. Or you know, just listen for me weekdays from 10 to 3. Rock on!