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Hey there!  I'm Glenn Goodwin and I've been playing in radio for about 18 years now.  I have worked in radio in Kansas City, Louisville, and Columbus, and a couple of smaller markets as well.


I have done about everything in radio from cleaning up flooded floors to Riding in a Hot Air balloon....all for the radio stations of course!  :)

I am married to the love of my life, and together we have 5 wonderful kids ranging in ages from 24-13.  We have 3 small dogs named: Toby, Hawkins, and Barney.  (They are all named after TV characters, so let me know if you can figure out who they are named after.)

My favorite artists are U2 & MUSE, so let me know if you ever have extra tickets to see them.  You would be my new best friend.

My Sunday afternoons are filled with NFL football, and I love watching the Tennessee Titans and my original hometown KC Chiefs.  I also enjoy college football, and college basketball especially when March Madness is happening!

I love Tennessee and am so glad that we are living here now, and am thankful to spend my mornings with you on 'GOODWIN In The Morning' each weekday from 6a-10a on 93.9 The Duck!

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